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Evolution Hope

Evolution Hope

Innovating. Bridging. Listening.

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Who We Are

Evolution Hope, a 501(c)(3) organization, works closely with rural communities in Peru to provide support in education and healthcare. With partner organizations on the grounds in Cusco, our global team coordinates product donations, youth mentorships, virtual events, cultural advocacy and more.

We're currently working on fundraising student scholarships, promoting STEM programs in local schools, increasing opportunities for students with learning differences and researching the Quechua and Aymara cultures.

And, as usual, we always follow our three core values: innovate, bridge, listen.

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Our Mission

At Evolution Hope, our number one goal is to listen. After all, in order to find a solution, you must first hear the story.

We want to understand the culture and needs in each community before initiating a solution. As an organization, we're not only going to be flexible and have awareness for different ethics, but we're also going to keep sustainability in mind.

Let's face it– it's not going to be easy... but that isn't going to stop us. Watch & join us bridge the language and cultural gap, hear community stories in Peru, connect with their local youth, and create better health and education opportunities within the country.

We'll be combatting these in two main ways: health and education. More information is linked below!

We'll be working with local Peru youth to understand their needs and bring sustainable resources to help decrease the spread of disease.

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We'll be empowering youth in Peru by fundraising to provide local schools with technology and other basic necessities, and implementing new educational programs.

How's Peru doing?

They're not doing so well. ​


In 2018, more than 20% of Peru’s population was below the poverty line– that's over six million people. Now, fast-forwarding to today, these numbers are drastically SPIKING instead of decreasing.


Undoubtedly, this country currently has one of the highest death rates from the pandemic, and we owe this to an undersupply of basic resources, insufficient education, and an unsupported healthcare system. Face the numbers yourself:

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of Peruvians have lost their jobs since the lockdown began, causing a massive panic effect on poverty, hunger, and health.

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3.52 MIL

COVID-19 cases have been confirmed from Peru.

These stats have made Peru as the eighteenth most infected country with coronavirus.

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of Peru is informal.


They don’t have access to basic services in heath, education, or financial support (bank accounts).

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of households in Peru do not have running refrigerators, relying solely on regular trips to crowded markets.

More Resources For You

One of the best things you can do right now for Peru is to stay educated, and the statistics mentioned above are only few of many.


So, we've included several articles below that discuss relevant challenges in Peru both before and during COVID-19:

Remember: knowledge is power. 


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