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Adolescent Drug Use and Rehabilitation in Peru's communities!

When you think of drug consumption and smuggling, you think of the UK, Mexico and Columbia. Not many of us know that by 2008, half of the world’s cocaine originated from Peru or Colombia. Peru is the main source of drugs for smaller European markets. Even though drug production is primarily thought of as illegal, it still occurs because of unemployment and poverty. This is the case in Peru.

Article 299 of the Peruvian Penal Code

The Peruvian administration knows that their nation has a drug addiction dilemma and they have a collection of laws for it. The laws may seem slightly lenient but the enforcement of these laws is strict and severe. Importantly, Article 299 declares that the possession of two or more kinds of drugs is a punishable crime.

There’s a degree of “guilty until proven innocent” within the Peruvian arrangement. When combined with poorly qualified and sometimes corrupt police officials, this can turn what should be a significant misunderstanding to a tremendous problem.

A Hope For the Better Future?

Originally, Bolivia was the main site for drug production, smuggling and trafficking, but now it is turning around. The Bolivian government has been promoting a new cultivation model based on non- violence and farmer participation. This has encouraged economic diversification away from drug substances. Yet, for this model to work in Peru, the local districts will need thorough training and faculty building, as well as assistance in fabricating a provincial and national consensus on an alternative strategy.

There is hope for the farmers and the citizens of Peru for a rich and bright future. A future without extensive drug usage and trafficking.

Article Credit: Sakina Vora


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