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Meet Sh*t That I Knit - A Company Empowering Peruvian Women


Sh*t That I Knit creates high-quality knitwear and accessories; the materials used to create their products are sustainably sourced and handmade by women in Peru. These women are working moms and earning a fair wage for their work. We are so happy to be partnering with this company and cannot wait to share their amazing products!

Christina Pardy, the founder of Sh*t That I Knit was born in Cape Breton, outside of Nova Scotia. She learned to knit there in 1999, completing her first project - a sweater. As she went through university she continued to make these intricate masterpieces. In 2014, she and her mother made a collection of hats for a local market. This was a huge hit. Quitting her job to continue her full time passion of knitting, she found a team of women in Lima, Peru to help her with this project. Sh*t That I Knit has become a well known brand for using sustainable sources to make accessories and clothes. These clothes are still handmade today by hard working women in Peru. If you’re interested in learning their knitting styles and techniques, their YouTube channel provides information to all enthusiasts and followers!

Stay tuned for our Sh*t That I Knit beanie auction. All the proceeds from this auction will go to providing environmental engineering scholarships for two female students in Peru!

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