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The Education Decline in Rural Areas

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Every child has a right to education, but not every child is able to utilize this right. A total of 72 million children are out of school and unable to study. One in every five school-aged children are not getting the education they deserve. The situation in the country of Peru is quite similar; dropout rates continue to pose a great challenge to the Peruvian government and are a major problem for its citizens. 

One major cause of increased dropout rates is child labour. Millions of kids drop out early from school to work and support their families. Poverty and lack of resources are major causes of such situations. 

Certain families may not be able to afford the cost of education or the financial requirements to send their children to school.

Education forms a vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty.

Since information is very limited the citizens may be unaware of the importance of education and how education can change someone's life. High school dropout rates are highest in Peru. 12 percent of children leave school before the age of 13, and 17 percent do not finish secondary school.

Female students are the most prone and vulnerable to drop out. 200,000 female students in rural areas of Peru do not go to school. Many are dropouts--although some were never even enrolled, due to the gender discrimination that persists in the Andean mountain region of this South American country.

Families prioritise men when it comes to education.  The belief that a woman's ultimate  goal is to get married  is still prevalent in society.

This vicious and never-ending cycle of dropouts needs to be put to an end. Education determines the future of youth and youth determine the future of the world. All children deserve access to education.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."- Malcolm X

Article Credit: Risha Chaurasia

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