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This is the world of "Battle Angel Alita", created by screenwriter Yukito Kishiro. Contents show] Geography Los Angeles is almost the size of Asia. It is considered to be the World Capital of Entertainment, Fashion, and the Fine Arts. Zootopia is the name of the forest that is located in the heart of the city. It is a very advanced city, containing over one hundred different species of animal, many of which have been cloned. It is built on a huge, underground aquarium. There are various developments and human habitats, including Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, La La Land, The Valley, Mission Hills, etc. Arts and Culture The City of Los Angeles is set up with a whole system of government, which is divided into seven districts: Central Los Angeles Fashion District Gateway District Hollywood Metropolitan District The Mayans San Fernando Valley The Space Arcade Zootopia The Districts The Central District is the heart of Los Angeles, and is also the most populated area. It is a modern, comfortable district, with many skyscrapers and business centers. In the district are the Stations of the Monorail (the shortest of Los Angeles' eight monorails), and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the city, the Universal City. The Fashion District The Fashion District is a large area in the Central District, filled with various clothing stores, clothing designers, retailers, and manufacturing companies. It is located at the center of the City, and it also contains the "Monorail" station. The Gateway District The Gateway District is located in the Central District. It contains most of Los Angeles' arts and culture. The famous Grammy Museum, the LACMA, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art are all located in the district. The Metropolitan District The Metropolitan District, located in the Central District, is the district in which people of the city live, who have a higher income. It is home to the majority of the nation's wealth. There are skyscrapers all over the district. The Mayans are an old, elite group of people, with lots of money and power. They are also the highest ranked individuals in the system. This district is used for people that



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